Schism Isolated Bass Track

2021.11.28 23:09 LLidoit Schism Isolated Bass Track

The isolated bass track for schism got taken off of YouTube. Does anyone have it and additionally any other isolated tool bass tracks? It would be much appreciated.
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2021.11.28 23:09 Aredditorandahalf What’s “Last Avenger Standing”?

Everyone talking about and I have no idea what it is. All I know is that it guarantees an exotic. Do you pay credits for this? Is it the raid? Thanks!
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2021.11.28 23:09 westy024 Hummingbud wild thai/ constant spring

Has anyone tried a few tubs now and have a general idea of what they are like? Smell and quality?Leaning towards a replacement for luminarium with the wild thai and intrested to know what the constant spring(blue wizard i belive) is like, if anyone has any photos of the constant spring feel free to send them to me😂
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2021.11.28 23:09 nonchalantaboutit Regice on me 8265 6505 3976

Adding 5 be online
8265 6505 3976
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2021.11.28 23:09 WingDings7567 People who aren't pedophiles 🤮

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2021.11.28 23:09 Awkwarddollz my mom is a lunatic

Okay so this is kind of a long story so buckle up…
I (20F) and my 6 siblings have lived with our single mom through it all. when I was 12 my mom met this meth-head ass guy and I told her that it was a bad idea to stay with him considering 4 of my siblings are girls. I just didn’t feel safe around him for me or my sisters. She ended up deciding that we would all move to Las Vegas with him and I was so upset because we lived in California our whole lives and she just met him 2 months prior.
She went to visit “his” house to make sure it was okay for us kids and she said all was good. So we all end up going over there and it turns out the house wasn’t his, it was his brothers (also a meth-head) his parents lived there too (also meth-heads) his nephew and niece (drug babies) and his two sons. So it was almost 10 kids with a bunch of meth heads. All of my stepdads brothers were creepy with me always checking me out saying I have a nice body. I actually didn’t go to school the entire time we were there. My mom got pregnant and lived in her room, no one took care of any of the kids but me (I was 12) and I was so angry and sad because we were worse there than in California. We were better in california and we were happy. Most nights we didn’t eat, we never went out, the house looked like a hoarders house, the backyard was a junkyard. Just think of a typical "white trash" family.
*fast-forward* my dad ended up picking me up that summer so I could visit him in Texas. I stayed with him that summer but he told me that I wasn’t going back to live with my mom. Now that I'm older I understand why but at the time i was so scared because i didn't want to leave my siblings alone without me. I felt like i was their protector. So i lived with my dad and also went through some shit but nothing near what i went through in Vegas. I just assumed my siblings were at least okay because when i called they said all was good.
so after i left they ended up getting evicted from that house and lived in a hotel until they decided they would live in Arizona where my stepdad grew up. so they all went down there. So they lived in a very small town in AZ I mean it literally looks like radiator springs from the movie Cars. Empty old buildings, not that many people, majority are meth heads, pedos walking around like nothing, a crackhead town. i didn't know this until i visited and i was so shocked. we grew up in the biggest city and now they're in this shithole living in a trailer park... i was disgusted.
also, i always thought of my mom as my bff. i always said i wanted to be rich to take care of my sisters and brothers and my mom. i was always a straight a student, in HS i got my associates degree, i ran 8 clubs, i got a full ride to ucla, i did the whole thing. all for my mom and siblings.
so about three years ago my sister (11 at the time) told me that my step dad took all of my siblings (including his children and nephews) in the middle of the desert, lined them up, and put a knife to their faces. all because one of his nephews was sitting too close to my sister, we'll call her Mary. It was so strange to me, like wtf are you doing for one, that's fucking insane, and thats why he did it? fucking weird. my mom knew about it but Mary recently told me that my mom yelled at her and told her that it was her fault my stepdad did that. it turns out that he is in love with mary. he would slip love letters in her backpack to open at school, he would wake her up in the middle of the night to tell her if she told anyone he would kill himself in front of the kids. he cut himself in front of her. he would watch her in the bath. he would tell my other sister that's a year younger than mary how much he loved mary, he would make sick comments to her about mary. this happened when mary was maybe 10 till she was 13 i believe. one night my stepdad took both of those sisters on a car ride at night. mary didnt want to and begged my mom not to let her go. but my mom made her go. both sisters said they just sat in the car in silence the whole time and they were scared. that he drove to a ditch and just stayed there and left after 30min. also, my stepdads dad would make creepy comments to mary. at one point all the kids had lice and my stepdads dad was checking mary's hair and he told the other kids to leave and touch her breasts... when she told me this i was so upset. i also went through sexual abuse as a child and wanted to prevent it from ever happening to them. she didnt tell my mom because there was another time where a family known pedo was at the house and would touch my sisters leg under the blanket and she told my mom, my mom said she'd talk to my stepdads dad? and nothing ever happened. that pissed me off even more.
finally mary kept one of the notes and put it in my moms purse to read. my mom read it and didnt say anything about it. she didnt bring it up until her and my stepdad got into an argument one night and she called him a pedo. he flipped out, went to the neighbors to get a gun to kill himself, he got a gun but didnt do anything, he was a felon though and isnt allowed to hold a gun. cops were called , he ran, they finally caught him, my mom got custody of the 2 boys she has with him and mentioned the letters to mary. he's in prison now but not for what he did to mary. just for carrying.
after i graduated i brought my siblings and mom to texas, we got our apartment, and i just wanted us to start over you know? be happy, be together, and come up. well it was all going well until my mom started acting weird. she would always want me to go to the store with her, she treated me like the fav child, she wanted to work at the same places as me. she doesnt have an actual profession, she's just had basic ass low ass jobs. we worked at denny's as servers together, worked at the bowling alley together. always copied what i did. and then she started talking shit about me to my sisters. mary would tell me and i confronted my mom the first time and told her if she felt any way she can talk to me not the kids. she cried and was like okay. that happened maybe three times.
*so i ended up dropping out of college three months in, oops, and wanted to go the entrepreneur way. obviously becoming rich does not happen overnight and and anyone who knows about money understands this.*
my mom and i started having this weird relationship where we both knew that i knew what she was saying but it wasnt discussed. it was so weird. like she was being so fake with me. i hated it. but she said i changed. so pretty much she started talking shit about me when i stopped going to the store with her so i could spend time on my own shit. i stopped hanging out with her as much and she got upset. like girl im 19 you have 6 other kids.
lease is almost up and my bf and i decided we wanted to get our own apartment and my mom could get her own. good right? not for her. she was mad and said she thought we would all live together for 3 more years lol i was like no you can live by yourself with the kids. well she was upset about that. i noticed that she would always yell at the kids. all morning and night, she always yelled at them and especially mary. mary was a little rude to my mom sometimes but now that i know everything i feel her. so my mom started saying she wasnt staying in texas and she wanted to go to TN? i was like umm girl stay here why be away from me, we're the only family we have. she said it was too expensive here. but really shes just broke. she makes $15/hr with 6 kids. she has no fucking future because she doesnt see it for herself. i tried to start a business for her she quit on the first day. she made $70.. she was so bitter always being a bitch to the kids. i ended up starting to hate her a little.. anyway, she decided that she wanted to move back to the trailer in AZ!!! like wtf!! i was so fucking upset. how could you take your kids back there. she said its cus its what she can afford. fucking cheap bitch honestly. its so sick. i dont think im being too harsh.
days before they were driving back to AZ we had a talk. me and my mom as well as the two older girls (16 & 15). i told her it was a bad idea to go there, she was being cheap, she was only thinking of herself, she didn't try hard enough here to get better, she settled for less. she told me our relationship was over and she didnt want to speak with me anymore. i said she was pathetic. i tried to help her. i started that food bizz. i suggested counseling. i tried to talk to her myself. she just says she doesnt need it and shes serious about it. it's actually insane. three days later they left. after a year of them finally living a normal life. i always took them out bowling, we got ice cream, went shopping, i made sure they had fun bc they deserve it. but my mom didnt think so. she was just so mean. i miss them a lot.
now i bring you to my most recent problem. my mom is telling mary she acts like me and that she ruins her life everyday. she tells her that if she doesnt stop with the attitudes she will cut off contact with me and my siblings. yeah its weird, she even yelled at them all day on thanksgiving. but shes always yelling at mary. so, with all that you now know about my life, what do i do about my mom? how can i save these kids? my mom has honestly given up on parenting. my bf can attest to it. she's not being a good parent and idk how to save the kids. she's put them through a lot and doesnt care to make it up. when we argued she said they ddint have a traumatic childhood... shes in denial. what do i do? help pls. also sorry for this book lol i just needed to give you everything you need to know about my situation. be blessed.
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2021.11.28 23:09 lolwatokay Is Spent Grain that Includes Acidulated Malt Safe for Dog Cookies?

I've been a extract brewer up until today where I made my first foray into all grain. A part of my grain bill (2%) was acid malt. I've never used it before and I like to use the spent grain to make dog cookies. I'm already aware of that hops are 100% a no-go for dogs, but is there any reason the inclusion of this malt would be unsafe for my dog?
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2021.11.28 23:09 Souperdoopa Is Overcharged barrel better than standard on the Final Judgement gatling gun?

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2021.11.28 23:09 neogirl1234 My brain hurts....

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2021.11.28 23:09 IiMikeyI EDD Data

Just wanted to put more information out there as I'm curious if other people are in the same boat as me. I am in the bay are about 15 minutes from the factory. No Vin, no emails, nothing from my rep, just curious if anyone else is experiencing the same thing. Hopefully I get one this year.
Ordered 10/01 M3 LR NO FSD Black with white interior 18 inch wheels - December 2021
10/06 - EDD 12/10 - 12/30
10/07 - EDD 11/11 - 12/09
10/25 - EDD 12/02 - 12/31
11/ 25 - EDD 12/16 - 12/31
11/27 - EDD 12/23 - 12/31
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2021.11.28 23:09 valdezb_saihttam Not my best (it's a new style for me) but thought y'all would appreciate this Neil Breen fan art so I thought I would share 😹😹😹

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2021.11.28 23:09 No_Relationship_887 Can’t make friends

Having the worst time making friends. It’s been 23 months that I have abstained from the sauce. However, I’ve been lonely lonely lonely… I try to date and make friends with apps (bumble, hinge, etc). I try to put myself out there, but still no luck….I live in the brewery capitol of the world, so the scene here is very much steeped in drinking culture. And if it’s not namby pamby beer, it’s expensive outdoor sports (skiing, cycling, mountain biking, hunting, fly fishing, etc.) how the hell do I make friends!?!?!?
Every time I have a connection with someone it always peters out because I don’t like being around alcohol and I don’t have money (or desire) to partake in expensive sports. I’m a punk/metal head so it’s even harder to find musicians (especially punk musicians) who don’t drink. I try and keep my non-drinking to myself, but it eventually surfaces. I try and be polite and as non-smug as possible, but people still react as if I’m some judgmental asshole when I refuse a beverage.
A little about me: I’m a musician. Im in my 30s. I skate. I “practice” Buddhism. I still smoke weed and eat psychedelics. I read, I paint, I write, blah blah blah… basically, I’m a lonely artist.
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2021.11.28 23:09 WoolDroolPool Who are the Nine People You Meet on Reddit?

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2021.11.28 23:09 Mowmowbecca Vincent does not seem to like his Santa hat

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2021.11.28 23:09 ApprehensiveBlock565 Teens leaks and nudes

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2021.11.28 23:09 HindIII Can this horizontal drain be tied into the vertical stack legally?

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2021.11.28 23:09 CockyRoho What Is

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2021.11.28 23:09 FarFerda What is the most embarrassing thing to have written on a Ice Cream Cake?

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2021.11.28 23:09 EestiMentioned [/r/CryptoCurrencyTrading] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.28 23:09 Flowersandviolence Would 5 days off gluten influence test results? And am I thinking about this the right way in the first place?

Asking the first because we've been planning a family trip for Christmas. I won't be able to have an endoscopy done before then, though, and there's no way I can camp and hike while gluten loading. Does anyone know if that short of a time off is likely to skew how things turn out? Thank you in advance.
And... this is sort of rant-y, but I just want to make sure that what I'm doing is worth it in the first place? Scheduling is proving to be a rather long hassle, because I'm having to restate my case multiple times after a negative blood test. The biggest reason I'm still pushing, other than my own symptoms, is because half my family has a history of wheat issues, and no one has ever had more than a single blood test. Multiple relatives up the same line had recurring problems and ended up dying from some form of cancer in the digestive tract. Presently, one of my own children is also showing symptoms that could line up with celiac, and I'm worried they won't be taken seriously either. I'm not crazy for asking to look further, right? I've lurked here and read about other people testing negative initially, but in real life people seem to think I'm just paranoid.
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2021.11.28 23:09 Sam_paintsroses Your "straight" best friend who keeps flirting probably isn't straight, but he also probably isn't going to be your boyfriend either

Trust me. Just find someone who is actually ok with being attracted to you.
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2021.11.28 23:09 485320 Forum: Mount Pleasant estate flats should fall under prime location housing model

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2021.11.28 23:09 Minimalist_one Not great quality, but some cool sounds.

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2021.11.28 23:09 mysthchan Sleep Tight / Polaroid series Nft By me.

Sleep Tight / Polaroid series Nft By me.
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2021.11.28 23:09 Jimmy_Biscuit_ Do you know the answer?

How much cood would a coodwuck wuck if a coodwuck would wuck cood?
Do you know the answer?
Feel free to debate amongst yourselves.
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