I took a picture of my GF on a rusty boat

2021.11.29 00:29 rawsynergy I took a picture of my GF on a rusty boat

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2021.11.29 00:29 RyHawk000 the story of a tank...

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2021.11.29 00:29 michaelaf6 Boyfriend won't give me reassurance

He's not the type with sweet texts and I have big problems with overthinking which we literally had a big argument over today. After me asking directly for reassurance 2 times and he saying he can't do it, today he unninstalled tiktok because he says he's over with my tiktoks about reassurance and other relationship advices. I know the tiktok part is childish but it's not like it doesn't mean anything. And I'm really confused because he seems like he wants to make it work and wants me happy but then refuses to even try to reassure me. And after today's fight, it's so much of a bigger issue for me.
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2021.11.29 00:29 brennanbilinski New to the game, got all DLC on sale because I know I'll be hooked. So far I'm worried I'm just reinforcing bad habits. Other empires are always more advanced, with more fleet power and eat up the galaxy before I can establish a sizeable network of planets. Any advice or walkthroughs suggestions?

I'd really like to try to do a Commonwealth of Man playthrough, but unfortunately I find it difficult even on the ensign setting. I fall behind on tech, fleet power and economy and get locked into a small area because everyone closes their borders to me.
I've seen the tall vs wide argument but unfortunately, I'm not sure how to even catch up with what little resource income I have.
Is it possible to simply focus on tech/research and neglect everything else in order to get a tech edge, is this even a good idea?
I'd really like to get better at this game but unfortunately I think I'm just gaining more bad habits as I go along.
Not that I'm against a peaceful playthrough, I'd just rather master the wartime aspect of the game because a majority of my playthroughs will be as such.
Before making my own species, I'd prefer to have at least one successful playthrough as CoM.
Thanks in advance:):):)
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2021.11.29 00:29 DjokicCockburn Brace yourself. The 696,969 posts are coming.

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2021.11.29 00:29 finziez [Nsfw] [serious] What are your kinks and your political affiliation?

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2021.11.29 00:29 TARDIS_type_40 BNSF 1979 idling alone in BNSF's Balmer Yard in Interbay, Seattle, WA - 8/20/2021

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2021.11.29 00:29 Ready-Molasses4123 Manter elenco ou manter técnico ?

Tomando o Grêmio como exemplo, lá no início do ano. O elenco ainda tem jogadores de 2016. Depois foram agregando alguns “medalhões” que já estão há 2, 3 temporadas. E mantinha-se o Renight como treineiro. Aparentemente “não dava mais liga” e foi o que culminou na saída do Renato.
Foram quase 5 anos mantendo treinador e mantendo boa parte do elenco sempre que possível, todos os anos.
Será que o maior problema dos times que sofrem essas quedas “inexplicáveis” de rendimento, está no treinador que depois de muito tempo no time não consegue mais extrair nada do elenco ou o problema está nos jogadores que de certa forma, se acomodam ?
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2021.11.29 00:29 ceilingtitty13 All I ever think about is suicide

I cant function normally anymore. I cant tell anyone I don’t know why, I cant keep living. I’m so afraid of everything, I just want to not feel anything anymore. I’m tired of feeling like a burden, I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t know anything anymore, nothing makes sense
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2021.11.29 00:29 Maddy186 Should Home Equity be included in Net Worth?

Title Why or Why not
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2021.11.29 00:29 EestiMentioned [/r/cryptostreetbets] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.29 00:29 Possible_Resort9672 new redemption code for this cute momento for eggy to wear: thanksgiving (all lowercase!)

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2021.11.29 00:29 Big_477 Restoring my spitshine after a 9km winter mountain hike

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2021.11.29 00:29 EasternInspector7456 🔰Chainlink Gold 🌟 Liq locked 🚀 Just stealth launched |100% safu | Low MC 🔮 Huge potential 💖Amazing New 💰Active devs | Active Developers with great community

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2021.11.29 00:29 LunaRosaOkami 8yrs of knowing, I came out to my mom, my friends and 4yrs later my dad finally ^~^

So this technically dates back to when I was 12 almost 8yrs ago(8yrs on this next holiday/b-day) and it has been a long ride... Honestly so middle school was a difficult time, my feelings about myself have been Vogue due to previous bullying from elementary and going into early middle school around second year or something like that I transferred back to the school I was supposed to original go to with all my oldest and best friend from elementary who I call my brother nowadays since he's always been like family and his family also rubbed onto me as well ~^
So second year still dealing with tons of depression and self loathing and hate for myself being different or being shunned by most of my fellow peers, and just a downright school outcast and goth without makeup and stuff cuz I was supposed to be "dude" about stuff and get over it obviously...
I was into video games day in and day out letting it consume my life as well as the internet, I learn by myself (schools don't really do much on lgbtq+ around here) and stumbled upon the community we all know and love lgbtq+ online in summer of 2013
I looked into things watches vids on YouTube on it ect. Over the following year and stuff being in a relationship with an ex that we had an on-off relationship going on and being that she was my "first" everything, GF, true kiss, lover and more I found out I liked guys as well but... I didn't know what type of guys I liked since I seemed to like the ones with girly stuff (femboys) but didn't really understand that it was femboys or know what they was called, I also subconscious was having this feminine side of me come out more... But it was the same feeling I was getting back when I was last year which I did think I was a girl but brushed it off at the time since that doesn't make sense, I came as bisexual at first with my dad but that one was awkward cuz well knowing my dad he was concerned for me since at the time things wasn't like they are today where everyone is more open than they was in 2013 basically plus people around here was not as forgiving or understanding it was great he accepted me and all but later that year in fall I did come-out to him as a woman and unfortunately I couldn't explain what I felt or... At least I tried but it failed and he told me it was a "phase" I'm going through... That one hurt alot and I didn't understand why I did...
Fast forward to about highschool freshman year my ex and I was dating strong having a lovely relationship, fooling around and stuff, coming to school hair done nice and straight pony tails and actually looking presentable getting good grades again I was feeling on top of things for awhile... But depression the depression I've had for many years was weighting on me and I most did an act I was happy... I wasn't... We broke up again but this breakup was her mother that sent me a text and saying it so... I nearly drove myself to suicide (yikes) and went to therapy, got better alil from the first two sessions but the rest made me feel worse than before with things my therapist was saying (I don't remember) and stopped going after a few more, back to video games as a cooping mechanism and dealing with life met my soulmate from a game (still in a relationship with him today) we was both the same age luckily and just decided to stay together and such~
Fast forward to fall of... 2017 I'm pretty sure, I eventually lost contact with him but didn't notice because of school and he was on PS4(no internet and still don't to this day) one day with the lingering feelings I've had about being a woman, I told my mom during gym class that I stopped doing despite loving that as the only class I ever partake in, texted her and we talked for awhile and she accepted and loves me alot and even calls me her daughter which made me very happy, more than I realized at the time and helped me quite abit, I then around winter walking to school with my "brother" I told him and he was taken aback and honestly shocked, told him about stuff and how and why I felt like it and that was it, he accepted it but kinda didn't get it lol, later on I told a friend that I was trans and he was like "nooooo" but... He was taking the wrong way cuz he thought I would change in my personality lmao I had to explain to him that I wasn't going to stop gaming or being "myself" and me being trans doesn't affect my mentality or personality and I'll just be a female and body but still myself in mind then he calmed and was like "thank God... I thought I was gonna be alone gaming ;w; " love my bestie alot, always been a great guy and my bf know as Well, I got back with my highschool sweetheart basically we dated again very serious in 2019 tho... I had dropped out of school and was working jobs, my brother's birthday is when he decided to get me and her back together since I wanted to see her and talk with her cuz to clear things up in the past, we made up and connected but this time... On another level that was amazing and also destroyed me in the end, I was 17 her 18 dated for a year, great times lived together and loved it, however... 2020 was garbage and going into 2021 things wasn't getting better since she hated being at home and she ended up due to stress from work would take it out on me, it used to be verbal then physical abuse and it was mostly a downward spiral that even with me trying to help her and stop her she'd never listen and make it worse the next time, when I finally told her after she had seem me in a skirt on Facebook post that... "Why are you wearing a skirt!?" I told her and she lost it... Now... She has autism and frankly that had been an "excuse" for her not to understand stuff or process things differently but things on how she process especially with something she disliked alot, she lashed out, destroying stuff and hurting me alot even to the point that I was... Kinda... Sexually assaulted now that I really think back and look at it... Since there was times I didn't consent her for "those" actions and really didn't like it... But she flipped out that day and basically did everything possible to hurt me and afterwards I was hurt and damage to the point, I had been used and manipulated into thinking this is what I desire... Things eventually escalated to me getting hospitalized by her and (still recovering on that by been doing better) from bone fractures, I was basically completely lost without realizing it since I didn't feel anything but only felt hate for her and love... Or what I thought... We was "together" a few times after that which I had to tell on myself to my bf because I always updated him with anything going on and he knew about the abuse for so long that we nearly broke up because I went back to her several times (very thankful he's still with me) and shower me the way, I still have issues with feeling love since all my previous encounters have all become bad memories so... But it's felt different in a good way, now onto "today" Nov. 28th / 21, I was talking with my bf about "personal subjects of ours" then on reddit was looking at other woman again, then found myself checking them out and got upset, and looked at treatment for transitioning (again) looked it up before but forgot and knowing that there is basically nothing for miles not even local that send me over the edge.... My bf txt me saying where was I? And I was so... Hurt earlier, I felt more hurt than the pain I felt in the hospital and it was honestly just... My soul was basically screaming in pain, I hide in walk in closet and slept in there as I was talking with him and he sent me virtual hugs and kisses to try and calm me which it worked and slept, I decided to confess to my dad "again" since I was older and he's been around lesbians and trans woman, gay guys all that stuff but he's homophobic but still loves me no matter what just "not for him" that sorta thing pretty heterosexual I spilled my guts to this man and when he told me that he was thinking about grandma (dead sadly) knowing that I was in so much pain, he cried and he's Lesbian friend CJ is what she's called saw dad and asked what was up explained "what I was going through" and she understood and says she would love to meet me knowing what's up which sounds nice, and when he came home from what he said: who am I going home to? And simple found it as "me" I was sitting on the bed head lowered, definitely a look that I had been sobbing and we he asked was I alright and I said pained no... I'm not... Feeling alil emotional and we hugged for the longest that has been in years no 5-10sec hug this hug was good bite and I cried into his shoulder telling me how he felt about what I texted him and said that he loves me and that I can always talk to him about anything which is true we talked about everything just when younger it was different and he assumed it was a "phase" I get it no hard feelings...
We had a heart to heart about how I'm always going to be his son or kid, and just wants me happy for me, honestly I don't mind if dad calls me son or by my birth name as only people who have known me personally over the many years growing up have that privilege with me, we talked more about me my feelings about it for the last 8yrs and grandma cuz he was having hard time with that since it still hurts years later, and it felt nice... My tears feel dry but they feel like they can fall out more easier... Not in pain this time... But of happiness because I feel better and I finally got that off my chest! Tho still an emotional day for me that I can and will definitely remember for the rest of my life, for the one person that stayed with me my whole life, my dad loves and accepts me wholeheartedly and just wants me to be happy with whatever it is, "even if it's wrong" his words his words and says once we get me working that we will get me started hopefully by next year and now, I feel better than ever! And absolutely motived now and I'm blessed to have such amazing people in my life for them all to understand me better ^~/
P.S: also hoped you all enjoyed my story since it's been one heck of a rollercoaster tho still going on and hoping to get to end of this one once I've finally gotten to my destination. UwU
Also if anyone was alil lost midway 2013 - 2016 was where middle school stuff is and highschool was supposed to be graduating class of 2020 but got held back... Tho didn't graduation so yeah... Didn't matter, 2017 I came out to mom and friends and four years later today was when I come out to dad for my third time but second time as a female :3
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2021.11.29 00:29 Yue2 24 [M] Tennessee - Just wanted to see who I’d meet here

Just wondered who’d I meet here.
I used to be a hopeless romantic, but I feel like I’ve been through way too many traumatic experiences to be the way I used to be. (begins singing Oshiete oshiete yo sono shikumi wo)
But I would like to chat with some people, and maybe I’ll open up more eventually.
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2021.11.29 00:29 svanapps Crypto Mining In Kazakhstan Is Leading To Power Shortages

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2021.11.29 00:29 ProfligatusMaximus VPN issues after Monterey update.

After updating my OS to Monterey, I'm not been able to use my VPN config, what happens is the VPN connects, but all of the sites I've visited cannot be reached and if I disconnect, it is just stuck on "disconnecting...". I've tried disabling the iCloud private relay, but the thing is, private relay isn't available to my country so there is no way for me to disable it.
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2021.11.29 00:29 Equivalent-Method797 Level 3 history subjects

Hi everyone, what level 3 history subjects would you recommend? (both for interest and good marks)
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2021.11.29 00:29 -SirSparhawk- Streak 277: Leer / La Rueda de Tiempo

Me gusta leer. Es una de las cosas más importantes en mi vida. Sin embargo, no he leído (las novelas) mucho en los últimos dos años porque he pasado mucho tiempo con las lenguas y otros pasatiempos, pero todavía me encanta leer.
Hay una serie de novelas que se llama La Rueda De Tiempo, escrito por Robert Jordan y la empecé hace muchos años mientras era en la escuela secundaria, pero nunca la terminé porque hay 14 libros en la serie y cada uno es muy grande (600-1000 páginas) y tuve que tomar un descanso y leer algo diferente. Nunca pudiera reempezar la serie porque después de un poco tiempo todos los nombres y lugares e historias eran demasiado complicados. Sin embargo, dado que hay una nueva adaptación de televisión de la serie, elegí empezar de leer la serie de nuevo. Empecé la 9. libro hoy y leí más que cinco páginas en una hora sin marcar el tiempo. ¡No he hecho eso desde hace mucho tiempo! Fue muy bien e intentará a hacerlos diariamente para reencender mi pasión de leer.
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2021.11.29 00:29 spuds151 Converting Coins In App

So I just brought all my coins over to CDC from Coinbase because I want them all in one place, and I'm pretty much all in on CDC.
I converted my coins to XLM and sent them to CDC, and now I want to buy back some of the other coins I had. However, it looks like I can only convert XLM to CRO or cash out to my fiat wallet.
Am I missing something or is this just how it's done? Coinbase did make it pretty easy to just convert one coin to another.
I am in the US, if that makes a difference.
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2021.11.29 00:29 SpareEar5347 SAITAMA🔥🔥📊

28B Holding Stronggg🔥🔥🔥
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2021.11.29 00:29 wolvmane Jerma should go pro

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2021.11.29 00:29 Jeff2562 Both teams cooperated to do the impossible...

Both teams cooperated to do the impossible...
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2021.11.29 00:29 JohnKnobody First attempt at a genocide run was an astounding success

A really early Energizer + Shields Up decided my run for me. Upgrades were double cast + fragile on the Energizer and double cast x2 on the Shields Up, and I ended up killing the SK due to a lucky link cable artifact.
The real fun part is that I spent the entire run convinced that my Energizer was really Soul Cast, forgetting Soul Cast has Consume on it.
I haven't even beaten the game with every character yet and here I am with Solo Saffron lol
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