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2021.10.25 22:56 Harfang1801 Mechanics of the game

What's something this game never told you, that you wished you knew when you started.
Me, I wish someone would have told me that melee attacks don't interrupt Reloading, very helpful with LMG's and shotguns.
You can look at your mods at anytime by pressing the "back" button (Xbox) then X, you can also use this to drop accessories and ammo for your team.
Mods on guns you pick up in Red are broken and reduces its given stat of what it normally gives.
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2021.10.25 22:56 _Espiral_empira_lau Streamer sexts minors yikes

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2021.10.25 22:56 lildbigpeach First set of hardware came in from The Chain Gang! Fits like a glove. 20mm stretch. As seems to be the norm, some leaky precum just can't help itself.

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2021.10.25 22:56 AthleToes Just a little play time in the chalk bucket

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2021.10.25 22:56 Try_Hard_GamerYT It turns out there wasn't any sheet music for the Dream No More ending... so I made my own!

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2021.10.25 22:56 blackjewgaywhite Imperial jade, 24k, hand carved silver, rhodium, green garnets "squidgely" yours truly

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2021.10.25 22:56 ThreeBeesInACoat Queen of the judgmental stare

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2021.10.25 22:56 SyrupFather any one know what that white stuff on my log is

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2021.10.25 22:56 CommunicationKey9141 Feedback on Friobar 500 Passion Fruit

Please read the feedback on Friobar 500 Passion Fruit:
This is exactly what it says ‘on the tin’.
It tastes like passion fruit, exactly how you’d expect it to.
It’s sweet and, fruity and fills the mouth and lines the throat – I like it.
Again there is only a slight menthol hit but it still gives me brain freeze if I have 5 or more consecutive puffs.
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2021.10.25 22:56 ColetteWhispers Signals From Space [Part 3]

Part 1 Part 2
Report 3 PREAMBLE:
Report 2 was Sunny’s last report. They voluntarily stepped down after a fiasco which I will soon get into. My name is Kitten and I will be continuing these reports.
My predecessor failed to mention a certain transmission during Dirt year, 1936. It was overlooked by we scholars as merely another repeat of the Olympics. The Olympics was a training routine humans had performed since ancient times to honor their leaders on Mount Olympus (Humans are extremely loyal to their leaders and regularly gather to honor them).
The 1936 Olympics, however, was popular amongst the masses on our planet, Fire. This is because it was a particularly powerful transmission, able to be picked up on any EM device on Fire.
One human in the video had become particularly popular, perhaps due to his stylish* facial hair and the pleasant* geometrical shapes on his upper clothing. Infernan children would greet each other with his peoples’ signature salute and speak to each other in English or German, while young adults would decorate their “lawns” with figures of him.
Territorial decorating was just one of the many new practices that we had adopted from the humans. Over the last twenty Dirt years, we began broadcasting our own talk shows as well as video recordings, though the latter were never as popular as human video recordings.
Many of the human training routines had become popular as well. The old folks didn’t understand it, but we found them fun*. We even began holding our own Olympics every four Fire orbits.
*These are untranslatable human words. They describe qualities which are not useful, yet we have paradoxically deemed them to be successful.
All of that said, I must now get into the source of our great shame. The beloved figure of the 1936 Olympics, in fact, turned out to be the most brutal and evil human who ever lived. His name was Adolf Hitler.
DATA COLLECTED FROM DIRT TIME, September 1939 - 1945
When the Second Planet War began, it was at first unclear which side were the aggressors. Both sides broadcasted information portraying the other side as evil. We were left scratching our heads.
But there was one thing we knew for certain now: Humans were geniuses of war. That became more and more clear with every battle broadcast. War was engineered to such a fine degree, as if it had its own science. (There is no better example of this than the sheer complexity of the flawlessly executed D-day invasion, but I'm getting ahead of myself).
The war raged on for a few years, until Hitler’s dark secret was revealed. I don’t think I need to write about what the allies found when they invaded Germany. Everyone knows. Everyone wishes they didn’t.
Lawn Hitlers were smashed to pieces as all of Fire raged. Nazi flags and schwastika-embezzled food containers were piled up and dumped into the Lava Ocean. People began greeting each other by extending their pincers downward and backwards, the opposite direction of the Nazi salute.
The war came to an end in a blaze of nuclear fire. That’s right. The humans were actually suicidal enough to use nuclear weapons!
It had long been clear to us that humans were creative and full of love, but now it was clear that they could also be infinitely destructive and genocidal. We hoped that in the end, their better nature would prevail, but we resolved never to visit Dirt nor attempt to contact Humanity.
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2021.10.25 22:56 Memeslayer132 The Engineers Are getting their revenge what will you do? (There are 2 endings i will makes those later)

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2021.10.25 22:56 KlutzyScallion3161 Mobile home investing

Can anyone provide any resources or experiences on mobile home investing? I am looking to buy some deals in MD, but want to get a little more information before jumping straight in.
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2021.10.25 22:56 ChunkyArsenio Canada: Former conservative Premier of BC, COVID And The Push For GLOBAL COMMUNISM!!

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2021.10.25 22:56 beta_centuri White speckled moth around 1.5 inches long, found in Eastern Nebraska

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2021.10.25 22:56 BatmanHive [Highlight] Brandon Ingram Dunks Over Anthony Edwards

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2021.10.25 22:56 4Shot Adiators is bringing the first social world-building game to the Cardano eco-system! Come check out the project! They are giving away 2000ADA following minting!!

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2021.10.25 22:56 LesWicked16 But which flavors???

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2021.10.25 22:56 lovalevi Another round of lockdown on December 2021 or january 2022. Any thoughts?

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2021.10.25 22:56 Temperedglassbridge I’m trying to work through season 1 but

I find this show hard to get into. I don’t really like any of the characters; they’re all just unlikeable with few redeeming traits.. Did anyone else feel this way when they started watching? Does it get better?
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2021.10.25 22:56 femme-disaster How Can I Stretch my Ears

I have JUST started stretching my ears and I really want them to stretch. Unfortunately though, I can’t stretch them while I’m at work, because my job does not allow jewelry of any kind. I am on my very first taper thing, and if anyone has advice for this, or insight please let me know. I want to know if they will maintain and stretch if I’m not stretching 24 hours a day. Any advice is appreciated :)
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2021.10.25 22:56 Soggy_Document_2613 Just Launched: 🧙‍♂️Warlock🧙‍♂️Bnb $WRLK

🔸What is Warlockbnb🔸
Warlockbnb is a gaming token built by gamers for gamers, in the future will be used as the classic “gem” you see in modern games. Our aim is to have a big variety of games on our platform and also on the most famous ones like PC, iOS, Android, Consoles; the tokens payments in the games will be in STABLE COIN as all the games on the market, there will be a swap (stablecoin to WRLK) directly in the background of the game, and all the $WRLK used during the gaming sessions will be 100% burnt.
Before the launch on our website will be released our first game based on $WRLK, called “MINE OR YOURS”, where you’ll be able to use your tokens to challenge other holders in a 1vs1 situation, you’ll decide how many tokens to bet in a series of 10 matches and the winner will get 90% of the wagered tokens whilst the remaining 10% will be burnt
🔸Join now in Warlock TG Group and become part of the project🔸
All the Warlocks will receive 8% rewards in BNB, just that, not others, not as a lot of new and upcoming tokens that gives you like 6/8/10 different tokens rewards, because there’s literally no need to do that, isn’t it better a big percentage in bnb then a small percentage in multiple tokens (that will stay there in your wallet for a lot of time before reaching a nice and solid number)? ; ⁃ These days we have in our hands the power and versatility of the binance token, which is rising year after year and it’s not going to stop, why not to benefit from it?
⁃ 8% Bnb Rewards
⁃ 5% Marketing
⁃ 5% Liquidity
⁃ 2% Burn
First Game Ready before launch 🔜
Soon Aggressive Marketing 🔜
🔸ARE THE DEVS DOXED? ⁃ The ceo will be doxed right before the launch.
🔸ANY PAST PROJECT? ⁃ The devs are all coming from 3 different projects, to put all their experience and knowledge together in our big and magical one.
What do you think? 🤔 I think you should not miss that chance to be one of the biggest Warlocks around 🧙🏿‍♂️
Contract: 0x7fffc986233aa1892fad59f3f452737949d3ded7
🚀Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.25 22:56 hmizou15 Is there a way to add Netflix catalogue for movies and series

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2021.10.25 22:56 Dbzfanatic99 Alita

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2021.10.25 22:56 jellybonez Power outage?

Just went out in Landsdale.
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