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2021.10.25 23:20 Spare_Tonight3549 https://discord.gg/X35HMvmq8P

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2021.10.25 23:20 chayu [WTS] CANADA - Pilot Vanishing Point (F), Parker 51 Special (F?), Kaweco Sport (EF), Noodler’s Creeper, Unknown Chinese Pen (M?), Diamine Ancient Copper (40%), Sheaffer Turquoise (50%?), KWZ Maple Red (99%), Cross Green (100%), KWZ Confederation Brown (99%)

Time stamp:
I’m clearing out my pen collection. I haven’t used any of these since before the pandemic- I started to use the pens I was “saving” and loving them :)
Shipping is from Toronto and will be an additional $15-20 on top. Sorry, it is what it is. Prices in USD.
Pilot Vanishing Point (F) - $50 it is functional and comes with the not-squeeze CON-40 converter. There’s scratches to the body. Parker 51 Special (F?) - $40 it’s vintage and comes with some plastic scuffs. Kaweco Sport (EF) - $5 it was a pocket carry pen for a while so it’s not in the greatest shape. Noodler’s Creeper - $5 same deal as with the Kaweco. Unknown Chinese Pen (M?) - Free with purchase
Diamine Ancient Copper (40%) - $3 Sheaffer Turquoise (50%?) - $3 KWZ Maple Red (99%) - $10 Cross Green (100%) - $5 I can’t open the bottle unfortunately KWZ Confederation Brown (99%) - $9
Clairefontaine grid notebook - Free with purchase, cover is damaged but it is unused. Passport sized blank
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2021.10.25 23:20 tomoenagi Walk of shame or stridin' with pride?

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2021.10.25 23:20 thisrocknrolla [FOR HIRE] Halloween creepy pet portraits for only $25 Xx

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2021.10.25 23:20 Ok_Veterinarian_8150 Advice?

How do you cope with having feelings for a friend?
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2021.10.25 23:20 themasonman Game just ended with ball in air during countdown to 0?

I forgot to save a freaking replay but I swear this just happened to me. Anyone else?
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2021.10.25 23:20 Bouncing_Cacti My lil sis in a bag (she’s very happy :>)

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2021.10.25 23:20 Webparasiteagain Cat

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Dodo code: 1G9N1
Anyone can come!
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2021.10.25 23:20 Efcivic90 Ka24e ticking

So I have an engine tick, weird part is it doesn’t tick consistently. Only starts after about 20-30 mins of driving and it’ll occasionally stop ticking if I continue driving it. When it is ticking It becomes a bit extra fumey.My oil level is good. Headers are on tight. Could it be oil pressure cutting in and out somehow? Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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2021.10.25 23:20 JustTheRealNews The Week At State • A review of the week’s events at the State Department, Oct. 18-Oct. 24, 2021

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2021.10.25 23:20 druuuuuw Phenta flex preworkout?

Just bought this new preworkout, I was just wondering has anyone tried it and if yes how was your workout on it?
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2021.10.25 23:20 Louis_iverson Callin it now agc will squeeze like bakkt tomorrow

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2021.10.25 23:20 indytim_on_reddit Artist: Asim A. Steckel

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2021.10.25 23:20 MutedDRus Making of metal fence

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2021.10.25 23:20 Mew2five95 How do I get this, the name just confuses google.

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2021.10.25 23:20 Violet_Spirit Dear Jody, Thanks. #DearJohnLetter #WeCouldHaveBeenSoGoodTogether #Army #Veteran #Divorce #Lifetime #Motivation #Funny #Twitch #Streamer #fyp #foryou - 10/14/21

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2021.10.25 23:20 PayRespects-Bot [r/gaming] press F to pay respect

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2021.10.25 23:20 FinlayHamm aw hell naw what they do to walter

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2021.10.25 23:20 Bagavelli Hunters must be stopped

Hunter glacial nades and slams are the most broken thing I’ve ever seen ngl. Bring back 2 icarus dashes.
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2021.10.25 23:20 Dreamury Streak 1: Une petite introduction

Bonsoir à tous!
Je m'appelle Ana, je suis brèsilienne et je suis étudiante. J'étudie de la Radiologie à la université, et j'aime beaucoup ce cours. J'apprends le français parce que je rêve de immigrer au Canada, et j'ai besoin de plus de points pour le Express Entry programme. J'aimais apprendre des langues étrangeres dés que j'était une fille. C'est pour ça que je parle bien deux langues: l'anglais et l'espagnol. Le français, je ne le parle bien encore, mais je le vais apprendre bientôt! Je m'interesse aussi pour le crochet et l'artisanat.
Je vous remercie de me faire attention!
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2021.10.25 23:20 labordetra321 Si queres videopaja morbosa 💦hablame al IG: nicolas_detralabor

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2021.10.25 23:20 frogger1988 Please...help...Massive pain after first root canal ever, also does my crown look broken?

I thought I'd be out of pain. But no. It's worse than ever. Massive pain in my maxillary sinus, jaw, and the tooth its self is high sensitive. I also took some pics so I could see it...does it look broken/chipped in the area between the next tooth to anyone else? Also if all goes well, what can be done with this since it's hitting my bottom tooth when I bite down? I can't even close the rest of my teeth down due to those 2 big humps on the crown?
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2021.10.25 23:20 i_heart_coffee Closed Shell

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2021.10.25 23:20 anuwubitch Shoulda known it was too good to be true

Jeeeesus. Tried talking to a new guy, just to get to know him cause i found him attractive and met him through a friend. We had super similar texting patterns and he seemed very emotionally sensitive and I was really excited to hang out one one one. Literally, was so awkward. I tried making small talk, it didn't work very well. Everytime someone in a car looked at him (we were walking around town) he'd get incredibly pissed off and flip them off or make some face. Like DUDE. YOU ARE SITTING ON A SKATEBOARD GOING UPHILL. THEY PROBABLY DONT REALIZE ITS ELECTRIC AND ARE LIKE WTF, NOT TRYING TO BE RUDE. God, so much second hand embarrassment from some of the shit he did. And he made so many racist jokes which I couldn't fully tell if they were jokes or not. Needless to say,, there's no attraction left. I went home 2 hours earlier than expected and have not tried talking since. It, was so bad. Dear god.
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