Be Your Better Self - Josephine Odhil (Official Video)

2021.09.18 22:58 JosephineOdhil Be Your Better Self - Josephine Odhil (Official Video)

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2021.09.18 22:58 Trollkitten Echoes of Destiny: Anarchy Red (chapter 3.4)

Current situation: Marden is in Burst form, levitating over the forest. Team Snap's Pidgey is chasing a mysterious flying humanoid Pokemon and using Gust on it, and Marden has Fatu out in hopes of her being able to catch up with them. Amanita is down on the forest floor with Bill and James, and she's disguised as a sparkly pink fairy princess experiment in hopes of attracting Team Snap. Otto and Litleo are digging a tunnel from Viridian City to Viridian Forest.
Marden has the initiative in turn order, immediately followed by Fatu. From what they both can see, the unidentified humanoid Pokemon appears to have a slight speed advantage over the Pidgey pursuing it.
Brief overview of battle mechanics (work in progress):
There are three things you can do when you're attacked: Defend, Counterattack, and Dodge. Defend is based on defense stats, Counterattack is based on attack stats, and Dodge is based on speed. You can also use either Strong Style or Agile Style in each round. Strong Style boosts attacks and Counterattacks, but hinders dodging. Agile Style lowers the strength of attacks and Counterattacks, but boosts dodging and allows you to use two moves in the same round.
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2021.09.18 22:58 asianwild23 21[f4m] slave mistress anal squirt add me on my SC kylie_bell8880

21[f4m] slave mistress anal squirt add me on my SC kylie_bell8880
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2021.09.18 22:58 kaushtubhshri [For Hire] I will make you grow on social media

I am a social media manager and I specialise in every single social media platforms in existence. Just handover to me your ID and I'll grow it exponentially in the given time. I take just 100$ a month for that, but if you gonna earn from your followers, 100$ is a good investment.
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2021.09.18 22:58 OscarOzzieOzborne Can't have a shit in Detroit... and everyone else for that matter.

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2021.09.18 22:58 F1RE_FLY I'm at Bristol this weekend

Who else is gonna be at Bristol?
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2021.09.18 22:58 FieldStrippedMRE First pair. Excited to wear these for many years.

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2021.09.18 22:58 Garemoth78 What book should be turned into a movie/series?

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2021.09.18 22:58 Dogit124 Which do you prefer?

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2021.09.18 22:58 treehuggerboy USB Wall Outlet Choices

As the title suggests, looking for some options. I have lots of Leviton near me so that's preferred. Question is do I go for USB A or USB C, or both? The USB C has the most amp draw so I'm assuming thats better for a faster charge correct?
Is it even worth going to a USB wall outlet?
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2021.09.18 22:58 ajrabin My experience going from $0 to $100K+ a month shopify dropshipping

Hey Dropshippers!
I just scaled a store from $0-$100K in 2021 and wanted to share my experience, what I learned, the decisions I had to make, the struggles I overcame, and my profit at the end.
If you want to see my take check out my new video below! Also, please feel free to request any videos in the comments :)
Happy Dropshipping!
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2021.09.18 22:58 The-Archangel-Michea Found this guy, what kind of spider is it? It's like and inch or an inch and a half long.

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2021.09.18 22:58 DinosaurasRex1 If I like this type of music WEWIL If this type of genre has a name, then idk what it is. I really want more music like this but it’s hard to find and only one spotify recommendation has been any good.
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2021.09.18 22:58 BackConsistent8581 No one cares

And that’s it. But that’s the problem. All of my friends barely reach out, I live alone at 20 and my mental health is reaching lows that I’m afraid of. There’s nothing that’s keeping me here and I know if I off myself that people will hate me and be sad but it’s getting to the point where it’s too painful to keep living the same day over and over and over again. I reach out to people and have gotten help but my brain keeps reminding me that it’s up to me to make the change and I’m so god damn tired.
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2021.09.18 22:58 Nodilickk Elevator is arrived.

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2021.09.18 22:58 kaitloun Can I take MLA back-to-back?

I just returned from a 3 week long MLA. I think I may have come back too soon as my condition seems to be worsening again. Can I submit another MLA and will it be approved if I provide the correct documents? Or is there a chance that they can deny it since I just came back?
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2021.09.18 22:58 SovietPigeonSpy Cursed Ben 10

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2021.09.18 22:58 kylolistens2sithwave My BF (21m) and I (21f) lived together for a year but broke up a month after he moved out. He wanted to give me the TV, but his mom is adamant that I give it back.

She bought it for him for Christmas and is adamant that she didn't buy it for him to give away. Only. It was a gift. She gave it to him. I am of the firm belief that she has no claim over it, especially given all her son has put me through for the past three and a half years. She told me that if he doesn't pick it up, she will. It's like a 300 dollar TV she got even cheaper during a black Friday sale.
I personally am feeling fried to hell by their petty shenanigans. My ex (her son) has threatened to kill himself 4 times (to me) since the breakup and even threw the hose he bought to suffocate himself with the exhaust on my damn kitchen floor as "proof" he wasn't going to do anything so I shouldn't tell anyone. I wanted to keep the TV, especially given that he owes me a few grand in security deposit damages at our last place, but since his mother is being this way, I kind of want to break it and give it back to her that way. Petty, I know, but I'm sick of this all.
Tldr ; my ex is insane and his mom is too.
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2021.09.18 22:58 Lurickin Single MX Won't Upgrade to 16.12

I've got two MX67s setup and previously both were on 16.11 without issue. The other day I got one upgraded to 16.12 just fine, the other refuses to go to 16.x and the dashboard claims it cannot communicate with the new servers on port 443 ( subnet). I checked my main firewall and no matter what I've done this one MX refuses to talk to that subnet on port 443, heck I even saw a connection to port 80 to that subnet but nothing on 443 and there are connections to that subnet over 7351. It will form connections to all other meraki subnets and OpenDNS servers on 443 just fine, all my other Meraki gear on the network will talk to that subnet on port 443 but this single one refuses to do it and I'm completely baffled as to what's going on. Packet tracer on my main firewall (ASA) shows everything from that MX67 to that subnet is permitted which just compounds how stumped I am as to what's going on.
I've tried rebooting it, permitting all traffic from that MX to the internet unfiltered, bypassing the main firewall, resetting to factory defaults (I noticed it never gave up the static IP so maybe I didn't fully reset it to factory defaults?) and checking every log I can think of but I'm stumped, nothing says this should be forbidden but it's just not talking via HTTPS for some reason to the Meraki Cloud Connectivity servers. This isn't anything pressing as it's just a couple boxes I've got for messing around with but it's just something I stumbled upon that's presented a challenge I can't fully debug :)
Message on the Meraki Portal: Firmware Versions MR 28 and MX 16 require nodes to be able to contact Meraki's Device to Cloud Connectivity service over TCP port 443. One or more of your Meraki devices are unable to communicate with these new servers.
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2021.09.18 22:58 Ukleides El Gobierno de López Obrador hace la mayor compra de reservas internacionales al Banco de México en 13 años: 7.021 millones

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2021.09.18 22:58 GuapoIndustries DC fans trying to explain how DC is better in a marvel subreddit

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2021.09.18 22:58 fadedblackleggings New Employee: Told to stop asking questions that were "out of scope" at work, but to speak up more and ask questions in specific meetings (Can anyone interpret this for me please)

I'm in a newer role.
This position is unique because I was brought in as an 'expert', to work on live problems for the company immediately. An outside financial firm was brought in to do an assessment on the costs to implement a new software solution.
They produced a lot of slides, but there were very few ideas. I and a few coworkers were supposed to be tasked to carry those out.
I started asking questions about how this would actually work, where would we get started with first, etc? The company wants us to start working on the tasks now, even before the final solution is presented by the firm.
We had a few meetings with them to go over the proposals, I asked questions about what they meant, and if we could see some more details on xyz, the stuff that I was tasked with explaining to other members of the team.
During this time, there have been a lot of politics and back and forth over who will actually get the big contract.
I found other things to work on, and just sort of backed off from this project, As the firm was getting more and more aggressive in emails with other members of the team.
Had some successes on another project, but now it looks like this one may need renewed attention again.
I had a review at work with my boss:
They mentioned that I was doing well with 3 things, but that I should:

I responded to the second and asked when would be a good time to ask more questions about business processes? To what teams and when? She provided an answer.
It's the weekend, and I've started to think a little. Was I just told to stop asking questions "out of scope", AND simultaneously speak up more and ask more questions? Which is it.
I know people with ADHD more often need the "why" to understand anything, but is there something I am missing here.
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2021.09.18 22:58 imjoeyak I am in need of some comment karma. :) I will upvote your comment too! Cheers 🙌🏻

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2021.09.18 22:58 AYCEAttorney I love the localization team for always having these occasional gems sprinkled into the character quest dialogue lol

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2021.09.18 22:58 R3arts [for hire ] open commission digital painting portrait $ in 3 days

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