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2021.09.18 21:27 SemperFidelisHoorah Welcome to Internet

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2021.09.18 21:27 Gangmic Is it even possible to get to Masters playing solo?

Ive recently been stuck going up and down in Veteran 2-4, so infuriating seeing people ignore drednaw and objective swapping game after game, or stealing exp right off the bat and screwing early developement/fighting for center area. Do I NEED a team to actually get fatther in this game? Or switch to a specific char who can win by themselves somehow? Its pretty disheartening because I dont have any friends who play this game too and I want to get to Masters, and I think I am good enough to be there if I had a team that wasnt full of absolute idiotic mushed banana skulls half the time.
Thank you for any tips/insight
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2021.09.18 21:27 P0tek Need help identifying this hot tub breaker switch

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2021.09.18 21:27 jamzkourt SDC small d!ck club…..Monday we watch it grow 🚀 😁 🚀

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2021.09.18 21:27 ninabubba First day Monday

Hey everyone. I’m starting my first year on Monday and just feeling a little overwhelmed and confused. I’ll be teaching English 9 & 10 and the kids have already been in school a month. They started with their teacher who had to transfer schools and have had a sub for the last few weeks. I got to visit the school yesterday for a tour and get some basic info. Unfortunately, the AP who oversees the English department and the department chair were both out, so I wasn’t really able to ask any questions about how they approach their courses. The sub did email me a basic outline of what they have been doing, so that gave me a small amount of insight. I graduated from my credential program 2 years ago and have been working in a mentoring program at a different high school, so I’ve had time away from “teaching” which is part of why I’m feeling nervous. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t know what to do on Monday/this week. With so much change, I want to start off on the right foot. The school is on a rotating block schedule so I will only have 2 classes on Monday that are 95 minutes each. Sorry for the long winded explanation and thank you in advance for any advice!
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2021.09.18 21:27 wai_bother Toxic skepticism

I'm at my wits end.
I started a sub called toxic_UFO. I'm not sure if there has to be a community for or against the people that take time out of there day to shit on earnest discussions on the topic.
It feels like every other comment I make is replied with "I cant believe you people actually believe in this stuff. There is zero evidence, it's like a religion".
I say that, while lighting a candle to my Reptilian overlord shrine. /s
But seriously....do the skeptics need a place to belittle and shitpost?
Or do average UFO enthusiasts need a private sub?
Any ideas for the sub are welcome, and I can LARP all day if need be. I'll repeat the same tired crap that the skeptics need to go to sleep at night. There seems to be a market for that.
If you are upset or afraid of the possibility of ETI visitation, or people that believe in it, I guess I'm offering a place to have such discussion.
Or if youd like to have a serious place free from that mentality, that's an option too.
It's sad to have the need for a closed discussion on either side of the equation. Civility has apparently been put down like old yeller.
I dont have the answers. I dont have it figured out. I dont believe every fuzzy "light in the sky video" is the imminent alien invasion.
There is a very serious need for a place to discuss a very serious topic. And the answers may never come. We dont need an unchecked closed sounding board either. Everyone has a right to an opinion. But I think everyone also deserves the right to check their attitudes at the door as well.
I'll put on my tin foil hat while I wait for the response.
What say you other nutjobs such as myself?
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2021.09.18 21:27 Boring-Working-5509 People of reddit, what is your time of period/day where you just feel alone or sad without fail every year repeatedly?

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2021.09.18 21:27 rafkat_arno I’m a south Asian. My skin tone is light brown. It’s been 6 and a half month I’m on minox. After applying a month or so, many people started telling me that my face looks dark. Also my face was oily but now the part I apply minox is dry and the other part is still oily. Is it normal and recoverable?

I’m a south Asian. My skin tone is light brown. It’s been 6 and a half month I’m on minox. After applying a month or so, many people started telling me that my face looks dark. Also my face was oily but now the part I apply minox is dry and the other part is still oily. Is it normal and recoverable? submitted by rafkat_arno to Minoxbeards [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 21:27 realHGA According to NZXT my GTX 1080 has nuclear reactor capabilities

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2021.09.18 21:27 Ok-Bed245 Can Somebody please help me buy my sons Amazon wish list for his birthday

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2021.09.18 21:27 michelleDeko Linux is much better than windows

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2021.09.18 21:27 Kilo_Foxtrot1 Real Taliban navy. Inshallah

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2021.09.18 21:27 lone_subaru2011 Estate Sale Find

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2021.09.18 21:27 Elesh_N Kingsmould (Hollow Knight day 131)

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2021.09.18 21:27 ezrai_ [WTB] salty salty bronze/fde surefire light (NM)

Looking for a salty doggie. Trying to complete a many shades of fde built. 120-250 $ depending on condition . Pretty open to any offers .
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2021.09.18 21:27 satanloveskale My cat either loves my guitar practice or hates it, not sure

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2021.09.18 21:27 MayPlayzChannel Koji je vaš omiljeni brend krema i žašto?

Pitao sam se ovo neko vreme, pa ajde da postavim i da vidim šta drugi kažu...

Nutella - mnogo slatka, i textura je kao da jedeš med
Eurokrem - nije previse sladak, i lepog ukusa, moj omiljen
Cipiripi - ukus dosta čudan, najmanje volim

Moramo konačno odrediti koji je brend najbolji zato što je to veoma bitna tema.
View Poll
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2021.09.18 21:27 OlDustyTrails Xbox Series X?!?!?!

I am sure that this is a long shot... Is there any place that you are able to get one of these consoles here in the city? Scalpers all over the resale market that I will never support... But looking to buy a new one from a store.
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2021.09.18 21:27 ObliviousPhenom Retirement of 220-1001 & 220-1002

Hey all! I’m currently studying for the A+ Cert and know that the current test material is being retired in 2022. Does anyone have an estimated idea of what month they’ll be retired?
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2021.09.18 21:27 Pale-Ad-1368 Any of y’all fuck with summrs?

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2021.09.18 21:27 JanGrantvyT0 $PlanetDoge - Best Breakout Potential of 2021 | Unique EcoSystem | Dual Rewards | Experienced Team | NFTs & More |

| What is Planet Doge |
Welcome to Planet Doge, The Central Hub, Expansion and eco-system of tokens that are built around supporting one another.
Having first started with Little Doge Cake ($LDC), the team has since expanded and developed Planet Doge ($PlanetDoge).
$PlanetDoge is a dual reward based token, with a chunk of the tax being returned to holders in $ADA (80%) and $LDC (20%). By having $PlanetDoge reward $LDC, it will help ensure the steady growth of $LDC while $PlanetDoge grows. This will be true for future tokens added to the eco-system.
PlanetDoge looks to develop and continue evolving with the creation of NFTs, rewards, and everything the future holds in the Crypto Space.
| Tokenomics |
Supply: 100,000,000,000
Max Wallet: 2,000,000,000 (2%)
Max Buy: 1,000,000,000 (1%)
Max Sell: 500,000,000 (0.5%)
Min Token for reward: 200,000 (0.02%)
| 18% Buy Tax |
10% reflected as ADA & LDC (80% ADA - 20% LDC)
3% to Liquidity Pool
5% to Marketing Fund
| 23.5% Sell Tax |
13% reflected as ADA & LDC (80% ADA - 20% LDC)
4% to Liquidity Pool
6.5% to Marketing Fund
Contract Address: 0x7a8124779cae6e22c52dd001ce118c17510128a5
| Socials |
Main TG Group: http://t.me/planetdoge
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/planetdogebsc
Discord: https://discord.gg/pUz8Dk9THd
Website: https://www.planetdoge.app/
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2021.09.18 21:27 Bncre [NFSW] Open Balkan

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2021.09.18 21:27 LiberalTroll1976 Eh...... what’s up Doc?

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2021.09.18 21:27 No_Strings007 🧐 just curious

First time user of blackboard. I saw some send messages using @name. How do you make @ appear with that person’s name??
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2021.09.18 21:27 BarAffectionate812 So my girlfriend in here early 20s is having heart rate over 100. Closing to 150 at rest. Chest pain and feeling faint

I’m guessing tachycardia. Anyway she doesn’t want to go to the hospital when it’s clear that she needs to go. Someone give me suggestions pleasere
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