Mushroom in backyard near stump. Need help identifying please. Is it edible?

2021.09.18 20:54 shroomyape Mushroom in backyard near stump. Need help identifying please. Is it edible?

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2021.09.18 20:54 h0tp0tat069 3942

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2021.09.18 20:54 shutupcorrin obsessed with these little reds

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2021.09.18 20:54 X-GOD-X How profitable is the Bitcoin barter?

I’ve been running interchange lately and I’ve got a collection of Tetris now should sell them or barter them?
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2021.09.18 20:54 Dakhil Elevated Systems: "Prototyping Framework Laptop Expansion Cards"

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2021.09.18 20:54 CosmicCraig1970 Happy Straturday

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2021.09.18 20:54 bytecollision Coffee Lovers Rejoice

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2021.09.18 20:54 sandwich_panda i would have liked brynn on any other cooking competition show

i think she would have done really well on masterchef or guy’s grocery games. i just think the hell’s kitchen environment and prize up for grabs wasn’t the right fit for her. just a thought i wanted to share!
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2021.09.18 20:54 Swanu-chan Dwight Schrute- anime fan?

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2021.09.18 20:54 Claireski Bought some nail transfers from Amazon. Super happy with the result (been on about a week)

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2021.09.18 20:54 VacationNew9370 New playthrough with customised twin

Hey guys,
I completed a playthrough with my customised Male Ryder. During that playthrough, I also customised FemRyder. Now, for my new playthrough I want to bring back those customised Ryders except play with FemRyder - sorta like a 'What If' scenario. Is there any way to do this? I am not sure is newgame+ has what I need.
I play on PS4 if that matters
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2021.09.18 20:54 unknown_bassist Today's Weather

If you're not outside in West Michigan today, there's something wrong with you.
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2021.09.18 20:54 jakecali1998 rush tits vs rush ass. that’s the post

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2021.09.18 20:54 PetrRabbit Broad question: Looking for suggestions of skill(s) to learn in order to begin acquiring remote work in the next 6 months.

Hi. Apologies for the broadness of this question. I'm in the midst of a career change, and one of my potential goals is to learn a skill set to begin acquiring remote work in order to maintain a steady income while having the option to move around. My current thoughts are to look into programming or bookkeeping. As far as personal experience goes, I have a degree in humanities and excessive experience in sound engineering. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.18 20:54 Responsible_Hat3399 Mega Hound ASAP adding ten 1933 7278 3526 or 2349 7020 6799

1933 7278 3526 or 2349 7020 6799
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2021.09.18 20:54 Dahrwijn Stonks

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2021.09.18 20:54 heinaga1989 FNDZ defi copy trading platform | 48H live next moonshot

FNDZ is the world’s easiest DeFi copy trading platform. Through the FNDZ platform, you will be able to copy your favorite and best-performing trader without ever having to monitor the markets 24/7.
Reddit: FNDZ
Meet Copy Trading Copy trading is a long-established business model: a type of social trading. You may have found yourself looking at advertisements from mainstream platforms such as eToro, ZuluTrade, etc. In copy trading, you literally copy the positions of a successful trader directly to your personal investment account. Incumbent providers have several major drawbacks, such as non-transparent models with all kinds of hidden fees, unfair order books, limited availability of assets and much more. Plus, the majority of platforms are based on derivatives, meaning you don’t really own the assets, which brings additional unnecessary investment risks.
What is FNDZ? FNDZ is the world’s best DeFi copy trading platform that makes copy/social trading possible from a truly decentralized angle. Through the FNDZ platform, you will be able to copy your favorite and best-performing trader without ever having to monitor the markets 24/7. Through the FNDZ platform, you actually own your assets and have them safely stored in your personal Metamask wallet.
Vision FNDZ is an open, transparent platform for novice and experienced traders. The goals are, first, to give small investors a chance to perform like the best traders and, second, to give good traders a way to further monetize their performance with a management fee and performance fee. This is all done in a decentralized environment that is trustless, automated, and secure.
Token utilities Governance The FNDZ token will also be usable to vote on governance proposals. These will vary from fee models to hiring people for protocol development of treasury funds and any other proposal made by the community.
Referral One referral link can be created per trader. The promoter can share this referral link with new traders. Each new trader can join a particular trader’s strategy only once. If the trader referred by the promoter is profitable at the time the performance fee is due, that promoter will receive 1% of the 20% performance fee.
Advertising Some traders realizing better performance may nevertheless have small vaults and no visibility to a larger audience. In this case, traders with a minimum of 4 weeks of 10% performance can buy FNDZ tokens to promote their vault on the front page.
Security and Procedure The FNDZ contract is designed to protect users from risks on network ecosystems. The following risks have been considered:
Miner Extractable Value (MEV) and frontrunning: It is possible for savvy network participants to monitor the blockchain and interfere with the transactions of copy traders. FNDZ is taking active steps in its technical architecture to prevent this.
Distribution of Contracts: Rather than having one contract with a high amount of authority over user activity and governance, contracts are balkanized in order to isolate addressable risks.
Bridge Insurance: The BSC ⇔ bridge will offer insurance for assets moving across chains to protect against operational, counterparty, and network risks. (insure BSC bridge)
Decentralized governance: Initially, control over parameters is managed by the FNDZ team to support risk management before full control is handed over to the platform participants. Neither the FNDZ team nor the governing collective has access to nor control over users’ funds.
Fees The FNDZ platform has a variety of fees. There are 4 main fee models:
5.1 Management fee There is a management fee that goes both to the trader and the FNDZ platform. A redemption fee is charged to a novice trader when he exits the vault.
5.2 Performance fee FNDZ token stakers receive 2% from the performance fee from all the successful traders realising performance.
5.3 Creation fee When a trader creates a vault there is a fee to be paid which is automatically swapped for the FNDZ token and burned.
5.4 Redemption fee A redemption fee is charged to a novice trader when he exits the vault.

🚀 Join the fastest growing copytrading platform in Defi 🚀

Buying Guide:
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2021.09.18 20:54 dMarchsayhi [USA - PA] [H] Scuf Infinity4PS Pro Custom Controller [W] PayPal

Bought this earlier this year but I stopped playing controller. Barely used so zero issues with it. Here is everything that is customized on it:

Also comes with Green Kontrol Freek Alpha Thumbsticks. Originally about $260 for all of it.
Price is $220 local (19335), $230 shipped.
Timestamp and extra pictures:
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2021.09.18 20:54 BeeSivvy Mega houndoom raid, please appear online for invite. 4912 7853 9326 & 2670 2246 7001

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2021.09.18 20:54 VaIIeria People who accidentally fell/bumped in to an attractive person, like in the beginning of a romcom, how was it irl?

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2021.09.18 20:54 Hot-Award-2595 Want to shout at the top of my lungs.

Hosted two of my husband's friends tonight for dinner. They brought alcohol to celebrate weekend. I don't drink so I just had half a can of beer + coke. Fast forward to three hours later, one has been puking in the loo for the last three hours, another one is sleeping in my couch with his dirty feet up and my partner is sleeping in another room full drunk. He has puked and it's all over the floor. We have one functional bathroom so I repeatedly requested him to puke in the wash basin outside the bathroom as the one and only bathroom is occupied by this guy for the last three hours. He tried but wasn't successful so he went back to the guest room and was lying in the bed. I went to check on him and found he has puked all over the floor, even his clothes ate dirty. I want d to cry two hours back, much better now. But I am livid. I just want to yell and slap my husband. I had warned him that do not drink so much but he kept saying he is fine. I know he will clean up everything by himself but we deep cleaned the house today itself and I was feeling calm and good about it.
I am sorry if this is not the relevant sub- reddit to share this but I just wanted to vent. My surrounding is super important to me and I can't function if it's dirty. I am shuddering at the thought of the condition of the bathroom. The guy is probably sleeping inside because everything is quiet.
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2021.09.18 20:54 kimpeeky Shohei Ohtani

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2021.09.18 20:54 2youngtodie [MI] does a conceal carry permit show up in an employers background check?

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2021.09.18 20:54 infamousmonkey47 Hobbies secondary question

There’s a secondary question asking about my leisure activities and hobbies. I’ve already talked about playing sports and intramurals in my primary app. I was kinda thinking of writing about fantasy football for this secondary, but I’m not sure how some adcoms would view it. I enjoy it because it makes the football games more fun to watch and you have to strategize which players to put in your lineups every week. I only play in a league with friends and we don’t even play for money. I know that some people do play for money and some even consider it gambling. Not sure how this would come off to an adcom that isn’t familiar with how fantasy football works. Any thoughts on if I should include it or not?
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2021.09.18 20:54 genesiscoupe10 Finally leaving the shop. New floors and patchwork in a 75 bronco

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