Why do so many people still support Bill Cosby?

2021.09.18 20:52 DM_Me_For_Dog_Pics Why do so many people still support Bill Cosby?

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2021.09.18 20:52 fuckingbreadsticks Quite a handsome lad

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2021.09.18 20:52 horndog_sama this song is literally so good

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2021.09.18 20:52 fruit-fox out of everything they could've cut :(

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2021.09.18 20:51 alexdelpiero Best Pumpkin Pie in Regina?

Hi peeps, which is your favorite pumpkin pie place in Regina? Ideally we will prefer couple of slices but whole pie would do as well.
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2021.09.18 20:51 1000Huzzahs What is controversial but shouldn’t be?

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2021.09.18 20:51 lionlazycat ship car from San Jose, California to Omaha, Nebraska

Does anyone has suggestions on a reputable car moving company with reasonable price?
Pickup date is 10/28/2021
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2021.09.18 20:51 lik14 i’m a walking stereotype - enfp

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2021.09.18 20:51 TheWerewolfDemon Extra Visual Effect Powerup Settings

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2021.09.18 20:51 balazs_kis 1990: 'AI will dominate the world'. 2021...

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2021.09.18 20:51 17thTimesACharm Ok, I'm trying again-many concerns-Older Guy

I've (M58) began viewing porn in magazines in high school. When I finally got a VHS player I began renting tapes. When I got a DVD player I moved on to that. When we got our first internet connection I moved on to that. Now, I'm at a point where I don't feel I can climax without some external stimulation (video, audio, etc.).
Here's where the concerns & problems begin. I have chronic depression and anxiety, as well as ADHD. I'm on numerous meds but most are geared to have the least sexual side effects. Without porn I have absolutely no sex drive when alone. I've been married for a long time but my wife and I are in a holding pattern; not making love until I get another Viagra prescription (I'm between doctors). When we do make love I find I have very little sensation in my penis, so I start getting soft without even realizing it. I wonder if this is due to many years of no-lube masterbation. I have terrible performance anxiety.
I'm afraid that, with no masterbation, my problems will only get worse ("use it or lose it"). When I do get to the doctor I want to be checked to see if there are underlying conditions, such as diabetes. I'm overweight but recently lost 20-25 pounds. I know I have low testosterone, but the treatments last time I tried them (gel, patch, shots) really didn't seem to help.
I want to give up porn. I feel so guilty about using it, but am afraid what will happen if I'm not masterbation, since no libido is present.
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2021.09.18 20:51 Dumb_ass_child N&W Alco C628 #1120

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2021.09.18 20:51 Puzzleheaded-Rich676 CATS MAY

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2021.09.18 20:51 darb-star Treadmill help?

Hi all. As outlined, I am looking to buy a treadmill for my winter triathlon training and I'm looking to see if any of you guys have any recommendations.
Currently I follow a 80/20 program and I want to import that into my treadmill like I do with my smart trainer. My idea is:
- I would like to create like 10 or 15 preset programs (which would just be a number of intervals of pace for a duration of time).
-Ideally I would like my watch to pick up the data and record it
-The cat's pyjamas would be if the treadmill recorded power output
Do you guys have any ideas of a treadmill that could do this?
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2021.09.18 20:51 Homeofthelizardmen Johannes in the mountains

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2021.09.18 20:51 Empty-Property-1579 Fuck i’m a terrible investor

I knew i should have sold when we hit that high but stupid me thought it would get higher…could have bought back in today with 300million more shib
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2021.09.18 20:51 moon_jock This poem entitled ‘A Dude’ from the year 1886

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2021.09.18 20:51 roczio666 si

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2021.09.18 20:51 neolee203 What do you think is the real nature of the whole universe?

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2021.09.18 20:51 bleugh777 Match Thread - Clermont vs La Rochelle | TOP14 Day 3

General Information
Venue: Stade Michelin
Weather: Rainy, 17°C
Match Threads: rugbyunion/wiki/matchthread

France : 21:05 UK : 8:05 PM
Clermont N. La Rochelle
Ravai 1 Wardi
Beheregaray 2 Bourgarit
Ojovan 3 Atonio
Lanen 4 Sazy
Vahaamahina (C) 5 Tanouy
Cancoriet 6 Liebenberg
Yato 7 Bourdeau
Lee 8 Alldritt (C)
Bézy 9 Kerr-Barlow
Lopez 10 Plisson
Raka 11 Favre
Vili 12 Botia
Moala 13 Rhule
Penaud 14 Leyds
Matsushima 15 Dulin
Clermont bench: Fourcade, Falgoux, Amatosero, Fischer, Viallard, Hanrahan, Rozière, Slimani
La Rochelle bench: Lagrange, Priso, Lavault, Haddad, Berjon, Popelin, Buliruarua, Papidze
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2021.09.18 20:51 Giraffeboi6969 AOT 7FT Rumbling

30 Colossal Titans, smoke underneath them, HUGE Eren founding Titan leaning down the whole thing 7FT TALL, Only 10 made
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2021.09.18 20:51 captainrj1 Kayzo b2b Subtronics

Ticket needed
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2021.09.18 20:51 ch3rrybl0ssoms [USA-OH] [H] BNIB Strix 3080 White Edition LHR [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Selling new Asus 3080 white edition, looking for $1,800 shipped or $1,700 local cash. Zip code is 45069.
Time Stamp https://imgur.com/a/F5fKH53
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2021.09.18 20:51 eugeneloza UX: Size of a button on Android phone?

I'm working on a hobby board game (Seabattle clone). And testing leaves me with quite confusing feel.
The logic of the game is simple - players exchange shots in a puzzle-like fashion, one who sinks all enemy's ships wins. Missing one shot often leads to a defeat and therefore I would really want to avoid player accidentally clicking the wrong tile/button. But on the other hand I want the battlefield as large as possible (there are gameplay reasons for that).
On a 7 cm wide phone I've managed to accidentally click a wrong button on 12x12 fields a few times (usually once per session) - is 6-7 mm button is indeed the limit of clicking accuracy? Or maybe I just wasn't careful enough - I want to support devices "that small" but still this is the "low end".
Or maybe there is some way to "increase accuracy" of a click? Like visual feedback where the user is about to click. I don't want to go from relatively fast-paced clicking to confirmation button, and when the Player is actually clicking the finger covers all visual effects :D But maybe showing a relatively large crosshair will be enough to understand that "it's gonna hit the wrong tile" and thus move the finger before releasing it?
Or how lame would be to warn the Player that "Hey, on Android playing 12x12 field may be uncomfortable, proceed at your own risk"? As I don't seem to have the information on physical size of the device, I don't think I'll be able to determine if the Player is playing on a large tablet or on a small phone.
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